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Raisin & Sugar Cramique

Brioche with raisins and sugar pearls.

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Raisin / Sugar




A cramique is a Belgian brioche loaf found in Northern France.

Frédéric Vaucamps has reworked the traditional brioche with raisins.

He has combined tradition and modernity with his new cramique recipes that include pearl sugar and chocolate chips.

Our doughs are all made using traditional methods. From kneading, to shaping, to baking; watch as they come out of the ovens one after the other: hot cramiques baked all day long from breakfast time until late afternoon!

To be consumed preferably on the same day. 

 Flour, milk, butter, eggs, sugar, yeast, salt, pearl sugar and raisins

Artisan know-how

Our cakes and pastries are traditionally made in each of our stores before your own eyes. You will love watching our teams in action as they make our Merveilleux cakes, cramiques and waffles. Our specialties are available in different flavors and sizes to suit all occasions and fancies, from our chocolate cramique as an afternoon snack, to our Merveilleux cakes for an unforgettable birthday celebration. Come and discover our know-how and taste our unmissable desserts!