Our cakes are made throughout the day to guarantee freshness. Because of this, the cakes in store can be collected without placing an order. Only cakes serving 10 or more people, or quantities of over 50 units, require pre-ordering. Please note that not all stores offer every size of cake.

For the cake quantities and sizes mentioned above, orders can be placed over the telephone or in store. 

Our New York and Toronto stores offer a Click & Collect service.

Our shops in New York, Dubai and Montreal offer a home delivery service.

You can contact your nearest store by telephone or by email to place your order.


Only L’Incroyable (speculoos/white chocolate) contains gluten. All our cakes and pastries are made in the same atelier; we therefore cannot guarantee they will be gluten-free.

All our products contain lactose, except for our meringue twists.

The eggs we use to make our meringue are cooked, therefore there is no risk of salmonella contamination. The cream is also pasteurized.

The fresher your cake is, the better it will taste. We recommend consuming our minis within 24 hours of purchase and cakes within 48 hours. They should be kept in the refrigerator.

Our cakes should be kept cool, we therefore recommend using a cooler bag to transport them or during very hot weather.